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The Recanati Annunciation (Italian: Annunciazione di Recanati) is a painting by the Italian Renaissance painter Lorenzo Lotto, executed around 1534 and housed in the Civic Museum of Villa Colloredo Mels, Recanati, Italy.

Recanati Annunciation - Wikipedia

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Recanati - Lorenzo Lotto

La Annunciazione di Recanati è un dipinto a olio su tela (166x114 cm) di Lorenzo Lotto, databile al 1534 circa e conservato nel Museo civico Villa Colloredo Mels a Recanati. È firmato "L. Lotus" ed è una delle opere più famose dellartista.

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Lorenzo Lotto | The Recanati Annunciation / Annunciazione

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Annunciazione, 1526Lorenzo Lotto nelle Marche | Lorenzo

lorenzo lotto annunciazione The Annunciation Acrylic Print by Lotto Lorenzo. All acrylic prints are professionally printed, packaged, and shipped within 3 - 4 business days and delivered ready-to-hang on your wall.

Lorenzo Lotto: the Annunciation of Recanati

lorenzo lotto annunciazione Lorenzo Lotto (Venetzia 1480 – Loreto 1556). Pintore. Ada operadu a longu in Bergamo e affacca a Bergamo e in su territoriu marchigianu. Nos restana oberas de caratterte religiosu e retrattos.

Annunciazione di Recanati - Wikipedia

Lorenzo Lotto’s relationship with Marche was intense and his paintings have profoundly influenced local artistic events. During his stay in the region, where he resided for a long time and where he died as an oblate in the Holy House of Loreto, Lorenzo Lotto produced works of great pictorial intensity and strong pathetic suggestion.

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Lorenzo Lotto [Italian High Renaissance Painter, ca.1480-1556] Guide to pictures of works by Lorenzo Lotto in art museum sites and image archives worldwide.


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